g11 autofocus lag vs g10

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Re: JFScheck

Gail - There are tons of comparisons on this forum, and in other places. Very briefly -

Both cameras have a 28-140mm lens. If your friend likes to shoot wider angle shots, that would be a good range of focal lengths. If he or she prefers a longer range, they should seriously consider the G9, which goes from 35 to 210mm.

The G10's image quality (acutance, contrast, color) is excellent. Its 15 mpx give it more detail at base ISO of 80. Most users have found the G10 allows good images up to at least ISO 200. Many have gotten good images reliably at ISO 400, for web displays and moderate sized prints.

But the G11 has a 1 stop advantage when shooting RAW and a 2 stop advantage when shooting JPEG - so the G11 can provide good images up to ISO 400, and with some care can provide good images up to ISO 800 for moderate sized displays. One user on this forum, Digart, has posted several excellent ISO 1600 pics at small display sizes.

So - If your friend likes to make really large prints, 12X18 or larger, the G10 would be preferred, but they should stick to ISOs 80, 100, and occasionally 200 for those large prints. If they like to shoot in less than ideal light (late afternoon on a cloudy day, evening, indoors without flast) the G11 should be the choice.

I personally don't think the articulated LCD of the G11 is any advantage at all, but many people think it's essential.


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