g11 autofocus lag vs g10

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gail wrote:

photobug4741 wrote:

I have them both and so far in my own small tests, the G11 is beating my G10 hands down in picture quality. My choice would be to buy the G11,

Thanks. My guess is the photo quality is on par, if not better, than the s90. The G11 has a better zoom range, but I like the small size of the s90. I can't wait until there is a replacement for my former S2 superzoom, with a sensor like in the s90 and G11. I'll be first in line to get it.

well if your needs include using a camera in low light conditions, the G11s top ISO of 3200 really beats the G10s top ISO of 1600.

I tested both the G10&G11 today in low light, both were using AV and ISO 1600, the G11 beat the G10 a mile in higher picture quality. Much brighter pictures.

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