GF1 with a Leica Summilux-M 35mm ASPH (Voightlander adapter)

Started Nov 8, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sean thanks for these shots

[OT - probably better in Leica forums]

Oh no way, the X1 is still pre-order only (at least in Japan). I don't know of any region that's actually delivered any X1's. I played around with it at the Leica shop and it's very nice and surprisingly light. I think my GF1 weighed more than the X1! So in that respect it's very un-Leica like. The M7 (M6 I used to own) had this very solid/robust heavy feel and I guess the M8/M9 would too. But the X1 feels like a lightweight.

However I still do have to complaint that the X1 back LCD resolution's too low (just like the M9 too).

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