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Re: Meuh it is time to put the bacon in the pan...

I dont have a kid to chase around.. and im ill atm with the flue (so dont want to goto my brothers or sisters to take photos of there's incase i infect them lol )

but here's an iso 1600 shot of my parrot sooc (the Panasonic is meant to do better with raw conversion) NR -1 Sharpness +1 and i. exposure max (kinda like d-range on nikon) so not the best settings for high iso but here you go..

I also took a shot with nr - 0 sharpness at 0 and i.exposure off.

I then took a shot with my gx10 at iso 1600 with the sigma 24-60mm f2.8 (at 24mm.. i couldn't focus anywhere as close as the 20mm f1.7 even if i had went to 60mm.

exposure times were 1/80 for the gf1 and 1/25 for the gx10.

The 20m f1.7 dose come as a kit lens.

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