Ep-1 focus hunting...firmware?

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Re: US patent application no. 20090245778

I don't have the patience to read it, but from skimming it looks like it involves some kind of focus method that uses both phase detection (for speed) and contrast detection (for accuracy). Maybe not quite relevant?

Brian Mosley wrote:

thinkfat wrote:

Brian Mosley wrote:

Unless someone can point to that Panasonic patent , I doubt it very much.

To put your mind to rest, Panasonic applied for a patent related to CDAF for still and moving images on October 1, 2009. That's quite new, clearly after the G1 market introduction, but I believe in USA you can apply for a patent up to one year after the "apparatus" was actually revealed.

thanks, we may be getting somewhere... is there any way we can read the patent application you quote? edit: it's OK I've found it :


Will have a read now


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