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Re: Candle lit at both ends

I really wonder why some people are bothered by the "green square" if you don't want to use it then don't.

there are lots of features on the camera I don't use, yet I never feel the need to slam Canon or people who use them.

Just like the video feature ....if I was to buy the 7D it would not be for the video.

cheers all .... and VISIT the site below. I can say that NONE of the pictures were taken using the green square.

riknash wrote:

Tony_S wrote:

Since when does "green box" mode mean "behave exactly like a P&S" then? Maybe Canon should make it a blue triangle on their next camera - would that be better for you?

Perhaps you'd like green box mode to give you a long delay between pressing the shutter and taking the photo as well, and let's make the flash take several seconds to recharge too while we're about it, just to make you feel completely comfortable with it.

LOL on noted P&S deficiencies..
In DPR's review of the 7D, when describing the green box auto mode;

"Fully Automatic Exposure. Camera has complete control over exposure, point-and-shoot operation." Seems like Green Box = P&S...

All of this user error, generates a great amount of unwarranted blame on the 7D. A lesson should be learned by many who followed this specific posting. Analysis of the OP's problem required that you have experience and a solid understanding of the AF modes in the 7D prior to being able to perform a proper diagnosis. Maybe we need a Canon 7D user certification program with several levels of proficiency? You can state that the 7D is defective only after you have been qualified to operate the camera in that mode? For anyone rendering an expert opinion, their certification qualifications would be available online to anyone wanting to weigh the merit of that opinion... --Just being silly !! --

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