K20d vs Nikon D90

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Re: The importance of DR - D90 beats K20D... get your facts right!

Al_in_the_Shire wrote:

Really? A bigma is around a grand. the 120 400 sigma is 900

a 100 400 canon is around 1600 and 5 times the lens either of the sigmas is.

If he thinks he is going to do birds with a 300, they best be pretty big tame birds

And even at that, the DA* 300 is what? 1100 to 1300?

good point Nikon has a 300mm for $1,500 but it doesn't have VR...but what is image stabilization on a long lens like that?

And if you go that route, you're effectively crippled at 300 mm because there is no TC.

It's just a fact of life. Pentax has left wildlife photographers hanging. At least with Canon and Nikon he has the options.

Nikon has a LOT more option go to BHphoto and check it out. I should say a LOT more options for a LOT more money...

In other words if you have the finances to take advantage of those options then a thread on saving a few hundred by getting the k20d wouldn't have been started. Some of those options are 5,000 and up

I guess I am saying do they have really have more options for somebody that can't afford them? the only options that any manufacturer has are those options you can afford.

I've got both the k200d and the k20d. Both fine cameras. I love the Pentax brand, the lens, the whole concept of SR in body, weather sealing, and the wonderful short primes.

But that does not negate the fact that if you are serious about wildlife, Pentax is probably not the best system to buy into. It's sad, but true.

Again if you have unlimited resources there are other systems that would be better....but when comparing systems you have to be realistic and compare only options that you can afford. Because by the time most of us could afford a couple $7,000 lenses then we would probably would also have no problem changing systems to get them.

just my two cents...

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