Packing D700 for service

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Might as well take the plunge and buy a Pelican case for the body -

and some TSA approved combo locks. Send the combo lock combination to Nikon Service before you ship. After repair, they can put the lock(s) back on and spin the dials. I do this all the time with motion picture camera and sound gear. Best strategy is to buy a Pelican case with "Pick and Pluck" foam. Pluck out foam in a camera body shape and set aside. Next time, you might want to ship something else, so the left over foam can be put back in the case and used to make a "well" for another piece of gear that is a different size/shape.

Going slightly off topic, the Pelican cases will serve you well, and not just for repair shipping. You can fly your gear in the Pelican case(s) on business trips/vacations - or even ship directly to your hotel so they stuff is waiting for you when you show up. TSA locks are designed so that TSA personnel have a special key that will open the lock, if for some reason, TSA wants to look inside your gear. What I do is take my stuff to TSA and offer to open it. If they want to take a look, fine. I just stick around long enough to make sure the cases get closed and locks go back on. The gear is never going to be 100% safe, but you can take steps to minimize loss.

I own a bunch of Pelican cases for my sound recording gear and commandeer a few for my vacations. Pelicans are great for "peace of mind".

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