Model Railroad photography

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Model Railroad photography


With Christmas here...and a year coming to the end (IRS tax deductions), I am once again thinking about a new camera. I have never owned a digital SLR. My first regular SLR was a Pentax...I was an early adopter and bought a Kodak DC-290 when 3.2 MP's was the best of the best. That camera lasted me until I bought the Canon S-80. I still use that wonderful camera. I did buy my daughter the original Rebel when she graduated from highschool. That was 6 years ago and I have borrowed her camera 4-5 times.

I mostly shoot pictures of my model railroad...usually on a tripod. I've learned a lot about depth of field and well as time shots. Fun stuff.

So, now I'm thinking about jumping into the big time. Not that I will be selling any cool pictures...but a lot of us train guys share images on our websites. I have taken over 10,000 pictures since my original DC 290. I really like the 7D because of it's cool video and have just about talked myself into buying one. I have read the other 7D vs. T1i comparisons...but most folks were talking about football pictures or family portraits...etc...and most usually had something to say about the money. Model Railroads will be my #1 subject.

I could indeed buy the T1i without blinking an eye...and would have to squint a little to buy the 7D. Not that the additional cost would break the bank...but it is because I am very conservative about spending...that I have a few extra bucks to spend on a camera that will last me for ever.

I will still use my S-80 for family vacations etc.because it is such a fine camera for just toting around. But then, we saw Loggins and Messina 2 weeks ago and several folks had SLR's taking pictures without anyone hassling them. We were on the 2nd row...and I sure was wishing I had a great SLR.

Feel free to visit my Train website at It is not your average around the Christmas tree Lionel set.

And the $10,000 question...will I get value from the 7D over the T1i. I am sure the curve of the graph takes a huge angle change at this level...but....

Thanks for any advise.

Paul Cesak

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