So, will the EP-2 EVF work with the GF1?

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Re: Panasonic will probably upgrade their EVF

taro wrote:

But wasn't it said that Panasonic engineers said they tried but couldn't put a higher res EVF on? Panansonic already had the higher res EVF of the G/GH-1, so one would think they would have used that if they could have. What was the limiting factor, we don't know though.

Most likely it was because the Epson high resolution LCD wasn't available yet during the time that the Panasonic engineers were designing the EVF or that they may have the Epson prototypes but won't be able to get the finished products from Epson in time for the GF-1 release so they just decided to go with the low profile/slim form factor lower resolution EVF. Now that the Epson LCD is out, they can easily design around it and produce an updated EVF.

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