Have you swaped your DLSR for GF1 or Pen?

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Re: Have you swaped your DLSR for GF1 or Pen?

2005magnum wrote:

take a look at the Canon 7D review. I doubt that anytime in the near, far or distant future an m4/3 camera could achieve that kind of resolution.

I am not claiming that the E-P1 will match the 7D in resolution, but curious about that this afternoon, I looked at Imaging Resource where you can do a side-by-side comparison. What surprised me was how well the E-P1 fared in comparison to the 7D, in spite of a sensor-size and 6 megapixel difference. I have printed some of my E-P1 images up to 16X24 and gotten good results. Below 13X19 I'm not sure there will be much difference unless you actually have two similar photographs side by side.

Were I a pro or wanting to sell to high-end magazines, I might write differently, but I am not and do not. I can say the E-P1 gives me better quality than my Canon G10 or my older Nikon D40x which had some decent lenses.


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