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Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

A comment for both: In my opinion, The Epson software shipped with the V700 is much better than Vuescan. Also, much better than the "light" version of the other software that came with the scanner.

The one feature that Vuescan offers (that I use on very rare occasions) that is not available in the Epson software is the provisions to Scan from FILE.

Have either of you used the "Color Restoration" choice in the Epson Software. If not, suggest you give it a "test drive" since it is VERY useful for almost ALL of the scans I have made for both 35mm Negatives and Slides. It also affects B/W negative scans but to a lesser degree. I have scanned thousands of slides plus Negatives of various sizes through 4 x 5. I really like the V700 and the Epson Software.

Yes, I have used the color restoration feature and it did quite a good job. You can imagine some of color casts in these old slides, so I also found this to be very useful. Although I played around quite a bit with different settings, I pretty much mass scanned all the slides with the same settings using color restoration and sharpening. The only setting I was not always happy with was dust removal (albeit with all the tools I tried). I stopped using ICE when I scanned a B&W portrait and the eyebrows looked like they were pained on the face (made the woman look like Groucho Marx!).

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