D7i exposure tests

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D7i exposure tests

It is hot out here today in the Silicon Valley and I am going to go swimming some time today, but first I have to take the pool cover off. I've been reading some iteresting threads on exposure settings and as long as the pool cover was on, I decided to run a test of the D7i exposure settings mainly for highlights, but also for noise reduction. My pool makes a very contrasty scene, so I thought I would use it for the test.

What I did.

I created 3 memory settings

Mem 1

ev -.3
contrast -3
saturation +1

Mem 2

ev -.3
contrast -2
Saturation +1

Mem 3

ev -.3
contrast -1
Saturation +1

I used the flex focus and focused on a pool float laying on the side walk for all shots. The float is in bright light and blown highlights will show up. There are dark shadows around the back of the pool and this with a bright sunny day will make for a contrasty picture.

I used the camera default settings to get a 'control' image. I took a second shot with default settings using 'S' mode. I decided not to use A mode for any of the shots because of time and I guess theoretically it should just be the opposite of 'S' mode. This assumption may be incorrect if the D7i will select shutter times like 1/123 sec, 1/17 sec, etc., but I don't recall such exposure times. It appears that there are a fixed set of available exposure times?

For each memory setting I took 3 images

one in 'P' mode
one in 'S' mode
one in 'M' mode

I've encountered some confusion on exposure bias and M mode. In reviewing the EIXF info with EixfReader, it appears that in 'M' mode the 'ev' bias is set back to '0'. I used the histogram in 'M' mode to set

the exposure. The exposures in 'M' mode are consistently brighter than the other two modes. I had originally thought it was my reading of the histogram that made for the brighter exposures, but if the EV is really set to 0, than the histogram would reflect the exposure for the higher value and thus be more brighter. However, when viewing the exposure information on pbase, it clearly shows the exposure bias as I had set it, at -.3. So, I'm not really sure why the pictures in 'M' mode appear to have been exposed more. Since I used the histogram to set the exposure, it could just be me, but just because the EIXF info says the bias is -.3 doesn't mean that minolta is processing it correctly for manual mode. I'd be interesed if anyone else has noticed this.

If you are interested in viewing the images they are at


All images are as they are direct from the camera. I make no claim as to what is better or worse, but for my own taste the Mem 1 P mode images looks best for highlights and the Mem 1 M mode image looks best for the shadows with minimal highlight loss.


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