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Re: high end APS-C continues, with bigger bodies and VFs than mass market

The post heading made it clear, I was looking at the overall future direction I fully understand that high end APS-C still dominate the market. It is just very difficult to see why they will continue to do so. Those who want/need this level of image quality and are happy with the associated body size/weight will go FF. APS-C dslr is a very inefficient format that was only introduced as a way to enable legacy lenses from the film era to be used on dig cameras at an acceptable price point. As FF become available (as they increasingly are) at an acceptable price point, why bother with APS-C?

The cameras potentially threatening top end aPS-C aren't the micro formats (they are a whole new category) the threatening cameras are the FF developments.

There is a very good discussion of the new small cameras and their implications at The online photographer blog. It also has some very complimentary things to say abput the A700.
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