DPP vs Capture One version 3, 4 and 5?

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Re: DPP vs Capture One version 3, 4 and 5?


I was a C1 version 3 user and I ended up upgrading to version 4 about 20 months ago. At first I really did not like the new workflow, but now I am very happy with the workflow. It is many times better than DPP.

C1 worked very well for conversions with my 350D. Last year I got the 50D and I haven't been as happy with my conversions from C1 for color balance and for some different types of shooting (indoor shooting with flash and sunsets). I also sometimes had some weird color "bunching" effects on certain colors that DPP would render correctly. I use both DPP and C1 now and pick the better conversion. Unfortunately for me the "better" conversion is often DPP even though I do not like the way DPP sharpens. Now that I have the 7D I am in the same boat as you. Do I update the software so that I can convert my 7D files or do I just use DPP? I, like you, hate that I cannot just get a new profile for the new camera to use in version 4, and since I am not as happy as I have been in the past, it is hard to justify the cost.

That said, I did download the version 5 trial and used it for some conversions with my 7D. Overall, I am very pleased. I still think color balance is a little off. Greens are too yellow, etc. However, a lot of the other issues I had with my 50 conversions seems to be improved significantly with the 7D conversions. It is a little early to tell, but so far on about 20 pictures where I compared the two, I like the version I did with C1 better in all cases. The noise reduction seems to work very effectively (much better than on my 50D) and I am not sure if that is just because of the camera or if they changed something from version 4 to 5. Other than being able to process the 7D files the version I have of C1 doesn't seem to have any other upgrades in version 5. The pro version has a lot of upgrades, but I am not really sure what is improved (if anything) in the basic version.

I am going to continue to use the trial version until it expires and decide then if I really want to spring for the upgrade. I need to use it on a larger variety of pictures and under more different and varied lighting conditions to see if I still prefer it.

I will try to update when I decide, but if the results continue to be as good as they have been the last few days, I will most likely be plunking down my cash. I have also then to decide if I go for the pro version to get all the enhancements or not. It is a 200 dollar price difference for the upgrade.

I hope this helps!


Cabana Boy wrote:

Being a Canon 10D shooter, using Capture One Version 3, and now reluctantly version 4 (occasionally), I see I need to upgrade to Capture One version 5 to get support for the Canon 7D. Concurrently, I checked out the DPP tutorial and noted that the work flow seems very similar to Capture One version 3. The workflow for Capture One versions 4 and 5 are WAY different than version 3, which I really like.

I have not yet plopped down the money for the 7D but plan to do so soon. In the mean time, I'm wondering if anyone can speak to DPP vs. Capture One in terms of quality and workflow...?

It just kills me to have to upgrade my processing software, when all I should really need is a profile update specific to a newly purchased camera.


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