The m4/3 LIE...

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Smaller no, lighter well you've picked your sample

for the weight, you've purposedly picked a tele-zoom which is far heavier for m43. Without this m43 is clearly lighter.

for the size, you claim your selected sample is smaller, but the images don't suggest this and you'd need to show cubic centimeter (or other volume unit) numbers to substantiate your claim.

finally, for many users, what matters is not so much how much a total system weighs because one does NOT walk around with a total system (or if one is ready to walk around with a body or two and several lenses then an APS-C or 24x36mm DSLR will deliver better IQ).

What matters, is how light and small one defined package can be made. And clearly here, and as your photo shows, m43 IS smaller, and as your numbers show, it is also nicely lighter.

I personally tested a very nice DSLR for some time but just couldn't do with the bulk and weight among other things. But now I must admit that the E-P2 and GF1 look quite tempting (though for the time being their price points, here in Europe, are still ridiculously high, especially the GF1, when compared to say a Canon 500D).

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