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Re: 7D Copyright Details

Jeff Peterman wrote:

The only two things that have any legal significance are the copyright sign and "copyright". Anything else (including @ and (c)) isn't worth the keystrokes.

OK, I'm a little out of my element here, but as a published author, I can tell you that any original material you write -- ANYTHING -- is copyrighted the moment the ink hits the paper (or the letters appear on your monitor). All original work is copyrighted, with or without registering it or anything else.

If you register your copyright with the feds (US), and someone violates your copyright, you can sue them for more money than you could if you didn't register it (which costs around $35). Printed copyright statements have no legal weight, and writers looking to get published are always advised NOT to write anything on their manuscripts that indicates a copyright, as doing so simply marks them as know-nothing newbies...

It could be different with photos, though I doubt it.

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