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Re: Why do people defend their own purchases so vehemently?

Hello, Guv

I stated here that I preordered the efs 18-135 IS as soon as it was announced, and that I knew I was taking a chance.

My defence is not that I took personal affront when someone called the lens junk. Rather, I was challenging the acurracy of his statement. I have extensive negative experiences with the 24-105L, but I would never call it junk because it has many, many redeeming qualities.

Likewise, the efs 28-135 IS has quite a few redeeming qualities too. Its failings such as barrell distortion at 18mm, vignetting, and some chromatic aberrations, despite the fact that they are significant shortcomings from the ideal, are pretty much consistent with mid-line broad range zooms.

Those somewhat predictable shortcomings don't come within a country mile of making it a bad lens for general use for many users. Furthermore, Canon cannot afford to kill sales of the 7D by putting it in kit with a lens which would be judged to be junk by general consensus.

" But really, what difference does it make to your own enjoyment?" Criticism of the lens will NOT affect my enjoyment of it. However, this is after all, a discussion forum. We are responsible for what we say. I was merely pointing out that one poster, in calling the lens junk, was making a statement in disregard to the fact that the review said quite a few good things about the lens.

If I make a statement which has no basis in fact, I absolutely expect someone else to call me on the mistake. That is all I was doing.

I don't yet have a way to post images, but I am more and more inclined to get one, so that from time to time, I can back up my posts with images.



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