Respectfully,why multi af points?

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Re: Respectfully,why multi af points?

Well there is no doubt a general purpose AF algorithm is very difficult. P&S does much better (face recognition, etc.) because they have the entire image to evaluate and can be slow. The 7D only has 19 points and must be very fast.

I believe it could be better. For example I would prefer it first attempt to focus on the center AF point, if this point does not meet a high enough contrast threshold, move further out, and repeat.

I admit it, I'm lazy. If they could hit focus on the "intended object" 90% of the time, that would be useful. There is also a consideration for the target user for this camera, Canon may have rightly dismissed P&S upgraders who are supposed to go the Rebel route first. I'm a gearhead, so I want good equipment, even if I don't need it.

Ultimately I will adapt to the camera and not look back. Use single point mode unless you are doing BIF or something special.

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