Cartridge-based lens mount to become a reality?

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Re: Ricoh & Pentax (Samsung also?)

Ross wrote:

Pentax = not only lens designs, but prism designs.
Samsung = pioneers in using OLED and the sensors.
Ricoh = human interface designs, inovative form factors.

An interesting group. The ZLR cameras were first done by Ricoh, Oly & Sanyo as a group.

There have been early mentions of such groupings - inlcuding Samsung but mainly Ricoh/Pentax only.

Recently nothing has been said and I have therefore only chattered about it to keep the notion alive. As nothing more has been rumoured I have guessed that Ricoh are going alone but this does not mean there is no collaborration at all.

Ricoh cannot possibly make every part they use - much technology and parts have to be sourced and integrated - hence maybe some of the rumours of involvement - perhaps nothing more that matching parts and technology together.

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