G11 Case from Tamrac - Perfect Fit

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Perhaps a slight improvement to this case.

I also have the case ( Tamrac 5689 ) discussed in this thread for my G11 and agree that the fit is good.

The only other things I like to carry with my camera is a spare SD card and battery. The SD card fit fine, but I was a little disappointed that there did not seem to be room enough for the spare battery. Here is what I did.

I cut a 3¼"x 2¼"x 1" thick piece from a sponge. That piece fits perfectly in the bottom of the case, with still enough room for the case cover to be closed while the G11 was in the case.

From the bottom of that piece of sponge, I cut out a notch that was the same size as the spare battery. This worked fine since the battery is approximately 2¼ " long. If you place the battery on a surface like a desk, and place the fitted piece of sponge on top of it, the battery cannot be seen from the top view.( only the battery ends, along the 3¼" sides )

Now the battery sits on the very bottom on the case, and that piece of sponge straddles or "bridges" over the battery. There is more than a quarter of an inch of padding ( sponge) between the battery and the camera body. In addition, the cover closes just fine.

Admittedly the battery is a little "buried" at the bottom of the case, but it's not that difficult to get to when needed.

I didn't mean for this to become so complicated. I hope I was able to state this idea so it could be understood.

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