K20d vs Nikon D90

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Collie Camp
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Re: The importance of DR - D90 beats K20D... get your facts right!

cwtham wrote:

Collie Camp wrote:

Why should I? K20D: over 10 EV , D90: 9.7 with RAW Auto ACR

...according to dpreview, but maybe they didn´t get their facts right lol

Well, by all mean. Stick to your only site for source of info.

There are pretty graphs in DxOMark.com which you don't bother to see. Why? Because your K20D got lousy score, even lower than K10D's? Hence DxOMark has been ruled out by you? lol

Stay cool - I don´t even own a K20d I use a K-7... no, I didn´t look at DxOMark, I only read this site. So you belive only in DxO - fine. Don´t care to argue about it - I´ll go out, take some Pictures

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