Scanning Software.

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Jim Engel Forum Member • Posts: 66
Scanning Software.

I have a considerable amount of scanning to do, including very
old photos, negatives and slides.

I have an Epson V700 which seems to be a really excellent
machine, and want to get my skills up to speed so I can get
good scans at one pass without having to learn things later
and repeat a lot of work.

"Everybody" seems to say that you need to get some "serious"
software, usually meaning VueScan or SilverFast.

SilverFast light came with the scanner, although it will not load for
Windows 7, and when you go to their web site they pretty much
try to convince you to spend more for their software than you
payed for a high end scanner.

VueScan is very reasonable in price and seems to be a truly
excellent program.

OK, the problem.

When I make an original scan in the Epson Scan software that comes
with the scanner, set up up for sufficient resolution and bit depth and then
load it into Adobe Camera Raw via Bridge and make my adjustments there,
I seem to do just fine.

I can't seem to really see where VueScan or SilverFast actually do anything
for me.

To me it seems like the Epson Scan software is pretty good in spite of what
people say.

Or perhaps my approach is just not sophisticated enough to get the
benefit of these higher powered, and higher priced, software systems ?

Comments ?

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