Canon Canada Repair Turnaround Time?

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Sun Camera in Toronto is faster

This seems to be the year for me to have photo equipmet repaired. My 40D had a mirror that came loose this summer and my 400 5.6L lens and flash fell off the roof of the car. Both required repair. While I was at it I decided to get my 30D repaired as well (a sticky shutter button...sounded like it wasn't an unheard of problem and my other flash had a broken hotshoe from awhile back).

Long story short is I would take my gear to Sun Camera in Toronto for repairs rather than to Canon Canada in Mississauga.

Sun Camera has Canon trained techs (see their website) and Canon Canada does send products to Sun Camera for repair work.

My 30D shutter button failed under warranty. Problem was I kept it on the shelf for 1 1/2 years. Of course, by the time I send 30D in for repair it's 'out of warranty' time period. I had sent it to Canon Canada for repair but Canon Canada sent it to Sun Camera to do the repair work. I found out later that the cost of repair would have been about $150 cheaper at Sun Camera. See linked thread below. But at least the repair was done and sent back to me in about 2 weeks or less.

My 40D was also sent to Canon Canada at about the same time. It took much longer to repair....maybe 4 weeks if I recall. Based on experience I'm guessing Sun Camera would have done the repair much quicker.

By this time I knew Sun Camera was going to perhaps charge much less and do the repair much sooner. I had two 580ex flashes (a 580ex I and 580ex II) that had broken hotshoes and a damaged 400 5.6L lens. I don't know what it was but I sent the 400 5.6L to Canon Canada and the 2 flashes to Sun Camera.

Sun Camera had both flashes repaired for about $175 or so including shipping back in 1 1/2 weeks. I think Canon Canada charges a minimum of $150 per you do the math.

My 400 5.6L lens was at Canon Canada for about 7 weeks before I finally got it back. What's that....a month and a half? From what I can make out, they piece-mealed the estimates.....yes estimate"s" and not estimate. First was the upfront estimate of several hundred dollars....which I got after about 1 1/2 weeks or so.

Then I got another estimate some time after the first estimate....another 2 weeks later? I'll have to check. I thought that was it.

Then I got another estimate maybe 1 1/2 weeks after that. The barrel had to be changed as well. I was given the option to cancel everything but after having one of my most used lenses sitting at Canon Canada for what....a month...I just wanted it done and sent back to me. Then I had to wait for the parts to come in. More waiting.

I decided to contact someone higher up the chain of command at Canon Canada and was successful. He explained that they were working on changing the estimate process and understood my concerns. To make up for things he would deduct the last estimate from the bill.

The whole point of an estimate is to protect the consumer. Let the customer know up front what the charges will be.....not this prolonged piece-mealed out estimate. Sure they're willing to cancel the repair as noted above but don't tell me that after 1 month of waiting. I think what he was hinting at was they'll try and do a better job of getting out a better estimate early in the process. This si what I would expect at a place like Sun Camera. A tech would look over the item and determine the cost of repairs and not be piece-mealing a repair estimate over a month. It's not fair to the consumer.

Take the barrel for instance. I had already noted in an accompanying note with the lens that the barrel awsn't clsoing properly after the fall. Yet, this part was the last item to be ordered and the last to be estimated which prolonged the repair by maybe another 2 weeks. Had they done this early in the process, I would likely have gotten the lens back much mcuh sooner.

Speaking only for myself, unless an item is still under warranty....I'm sending my repairs to Sun Camera.


Quijibo69 wrote:

I just sent my new 70-200 f:2.8L back to Canon for calibration, It was soft at anything below 200mm.

From someone with experience, how long does it take before I will see it again?


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