what do I need for cheap stuido for product design photography

Started Oct 21, 2009 | Discussions thread
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I was surprised at the replies

lukx wrote:

Can someone please help me and give me advice what do I need to buy (but not too expensive) to start simple product photography (like jewelry, mobile phones, women hand bags, shoes) I would really appreciate help.

I was sure everyone would be recommending a light tent. I don't think a light tent is a good approach, either. I started with high CRI compact fluorescents in reflectors, but I've pretty much switched to manual hot-shoe flashes (more than enough output for closeup work) with modifiers like umbrellas, reflectors, and home-made grids for spotlighting effects.

Here's a link to a small gallery of some of my table-top shots (mostly experiments). Number 1 and 4 were done with fluorescents and the rest were with inexpensive hot-shoe flashes and various modifiers. For me the fun is in the shaping of the light -- light tents limit the setup options you have available.


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