Did I violate law? Etiquette? Something else?

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Peter Stelman Regular Member • Posts: 244
Did I violate law? Etiquette? Something else?

I've been snapshotting around Paris this week with my D300. I pretty much shoot whatever catches my fancy, but try of avoid violating anyone's privacy.

Today I took a few shots of some clothing in the front window of a men's clothing store (from the street). The sport jackets and color combinations had caught my eye. The proprietor came out and started shouting at me, and said I could not take pictures of the store, and that he was going to call the police. My French is poor, but I got that much.

He went back into the store and started dialing the phone. Actually calling the police? Who knows. I went on my way, not feeling too guilty about what I'd done.

This was the first experience I ever had with someone expressing anger over my taking pictures of a retail store display. I see others shooting retail stores from the street all the time.

What did I do wrong? Did I stumble across a secret military installation disguised as a haberdashery? Could he have feared I was a spy from a couture house? (I'd just have bought the stuff and taken it back to my lair for dissection.) I'm really puzzled.

Thanks for any insight.

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