Any good lens suggestions for the 1000D?

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I still believe it's more to do with technique than the lens. The lens isn't the greatest, but should at least give you sharp websized images. And that's a good thing because you can improve your technique before spending more money on expensive glass. The tele range is difficult to master so take your time and practice a lot (months). It took me a long while before I started to get some nice shots from the Tamron 70-300 and hit its limits.
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I started to use Canon EOS 1000D less than 2 months ago and never owned a digital camera before. About a week ago, I tested the EF-S 55-250 IS in the shop with a couple of shots:

  • This shot below is with IS On @ Full Zoom 250mm; 1/8s; f/6.3; ISO400; d=80cm (while the lens's minimum focus distance is actually 110 cm - but you can still feel some DOF on display); hand held

100% Crop of it:

  • This is with IS Off, on a space of a few seconds from the previous shot @ Full Zoom 250mm; 1/10s; f/6.3; ISO400; d=80cm; Hand held:

100% Crop:

I can say that I have a steady hand, but still struggling with camera shake on 1/10s @ full zoom 250mm.

IS does play a part...

And do not ignore the possibility that maybe there is something wrong with the lens.
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