K20d vs Nikon D90

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Re: The importance of DR - K20d beats D90

If your interest are towards birds as you mentioned, Pentax does not make any NEW glass over 300mm. They just dont support wildlife photographers very well.

They dont even offer a TC for their DA* 300 and have said they will not.

The long glass that is available is all third party, Sigma, Tamron, and will not even come close to the image quality of good Nikon or Canon glass.

If you think you would end up using one of the Sigma or Tamron lens on a Nikon or Canon, then the K20 is a great camera and a great choice.

But if you are serious about birds, you might want to look somewhere other than Pentax. Even a Canon 100-400 is a better lens than anything Sigma makes in the range and only cost about 600 bucks more.

If birds are secondary and landscape is primary, Pentax cannot be beat. The primes are just that - Prime.

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