K20d vs Nikon D90

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Re: serious battery power for K20

take a look here


i was considering a camera battery remote from the camera (the camera battery would be plugged into the camera mains adapter CMA). my idea was to use a generic charging plate and cable to plug it into the CMA - no worry about converting voltage.

ended up coming across ideas that even included car-type batteries. this does involve some circuit-stuff.

might be some ideas for you...

Martin_UK wrote:

Now all I need to find out if there's a mains adapter for the camera, because batteries discharge very quickly in the winter.

of course, this battery idea doesn't apply to only the K20

and, i also thought you could turn DFS off for the K10. but, couldn't tell you why i think this - just read it somewhere, i guess...

ppl that take astro pics don't seem to like the K20 because of the DFS. this makes it impossible to use software to stack multiple images (as you know, the stars don't wait for DFS). but, they are taking much longer exposures than just 6-7 min.

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