D700: A Grand Camera

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cary smith wrote:

Soooo, now we know your secret. You told that boxy thing with a lens that it was at THE GRAND CANYON and it rose to the challenge!!! AND for every scenic shot you tell the camera where it is with a little "you can do it" pep talk!!!!

Lol. Something like that... You should have seen what a c#@ppy job it did the other day when we were only doing a cat in the backyard...

You give way too much credit to that boxy thing with a lens. It did not have to perform at -100 C, nor in a vacuum on the moon.

I was thinking about its performance compared to other cameras I've owned. How it 'handles' detail through distance & haze, demanding DR, low light & odd WB. I like it so much I am starting to anthropomorphize it. Glad you noticed

Thanks Cary,

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