K20d vs Nikon D90

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Re: The importance of DR - K20d beats D90

Martin_UK wrote:

Thinking more about the K20 - it really does make sense for astrophotography due to its weather sealing, low noise in RAW and the remote capture software.

The scope and camera can get covered in ice on a winter night (I've stuck my eyebrow to the scope before!), so the weather sealing will help to protect the camera to some extent. And on warmer nights I can wrap an ice pack around the camera body with less chance of damage.

It's good to know that you realised it yourself that what is the right camera for your kind of applications.

The lower RAW noise will help with 6-7 minute exposures (best I can manage with my dodgy equatorial mount) and the higher resolution sensor will help to suck in those few more photons.

Do take note on this though. K20D isn't able to disable the DFS (dark frame subtraction) when you are doing a super long exposure. Having to capture 6-7 mins of exposure probably requires double the amount of time to get the final result.

I believe the K10D has this too, which I was dumbfounded the first time I tried my bulb mode for 10minutes. Which sorta felt like ages before I could see my result.

And the result, it was pretty good actually. But I've never went to have another try, cause I can't leave my camera out in the yard unattended. lol

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