K20d vs Nikon D90

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Re: The importance of DR

JNR wrote:

We probably shouldn't let the troll (cwtham) off without pointing out where he has it completely wrong besides regarding DR.

Oh, so people just not agreeing with the camera of your choice and you start calling people troll? roarrrr


if it wasn't so then the K-X would be priced at the top of the line up.

If Pentax ever release K-7 with both sensor, I'm very sure most of the jumps would be toward the one with the Sony sensor.

Now, they only put it in K-x, hoping that it wouldn't kill their K-7's share of the market. Forcing user to use AA battery, which is a let off as well. Another way to drive them away from K-x, and hoping they would go for K-7.

Somehow, it still does affect the K-7's sales. At the very least, K-7 doesn't convince me enough for me to fork out the kind of money for it.

Now you can go on ahead and start calling everyone troll, especially the one whom started the survey thread about K-7 having the 12mp Sony's sensor.

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