K20d vs Nikon D90

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Re: The importance of DR - K20d beats D90

Lol, it does, but the deals are in-store and not on their web site - they're selling off shop stock - the new Pentax SLRs are on the web site.

I thought we weren't suppose to name companies on here, but reading other threads it appears I was wrong (I often am!) - Currys (well known in the UK and not always for the right reasons). I've no idea if the deals are country-wide; I've only been into one store here in Yorkshire, but it might be worth visiting a local store to see if they have stock and mentioning the deal - the K20D + Lens was £449. I feel certain the K200D was £299, but it might have been £279. I would imagine when they're gone that's it.

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