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The importance of post processing

MrsNikon wrote:

CamasJC wrote:

Thanks again for taking the time to comment. What are you shooting now?

Film ... my trusty N90s (I have two "D" lenses) and my Hasselblad 503CW (60mm, 100mm and 180mm).

Wow! It must be getting harder/morre expensive to find development labs -- or are you doing your own?

My digital experience started off in early 90's with the Nikon Coolpix 990, then a Canon point & shoot (gifted that to dad) and now I have a Panasonic Lumix LX3.

Early 90s... ok so you probably know a lot about digital and, I presume, about post processing?

I am starting off piece meal. Just upgraded my ancient computer this past June. It is a financial strain to just run out and buy new hardware, software, printers, cameras and lenses and associated accessories all at once.

Tell me about it

I have been waiting a long time to jump into the digital SLR world and I love the Nikon configuration and feel comfy with that. I didn't like the feel of the Canon in the hands. Hence I waited. I suppose I can hang on a little longer and am hoping to be able to use my "D" lenses.

I have a late 70s manual focus, manual everything, 300/2.8 ED lens. Works like a dream on the D700 with minor CA in difficult light situations.

My best overall advice --if you haven't alreay guessed-- is to shoot RAW/NEF format files (not Jpeg) and learn as much as you can about post processing. RAW/NEF files... are the best 'negative' format for capturing and preserving the most information out of a scene. But, unprocessed Raw files look flat and lifeless. You can count on almost never getting what you have in mind straight out of the camera, and into a RAW file --no matter how good or expensive the camera may be. You will always need to adjust and fine tune, just like developing negative film and getting an optimized print out of it

Best of luck to you

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