K20d vs Nikon D90

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Re: The importance of DR - K20d beats D90

Hi all

Thanks for all the replies. I've had more time to research the K20 vs the D90, and although the D90 is an attractive proposition it just doesn't stack up financially compared to the K20.

I don't need particularly fast shooting, a movie mode is not important (I have the little Casio FC100 for that if I want a laugh!), and I prefer the K20's tendency to under rather then over expose in difficult conditions. Also, looking at the RAW noise comparisons in the K7 review on here it appears the K20 has better noise levels than the Nikon or Canon cameras. So I'll shoot in RAW..

If I could afford the Nikon D300 I'd have that because I just love the way it handles, but as it is I'll probably go for the K20 and have a think about the lens set-up.

To the person asking about where to buy the K20D at £450 - the local branch of a large, very well known electrical chain beginning with C is selling them off at this price, with the K200 at £299 (they're on clearance to make way for the new Pentax slrs) - I have absolutely no connection with said store!

Thanks once again for all the guidance.

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