K20d vs Nikon D90

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Re: The importance of DR - K20d beats D90

Collie Camp wrote:

cwtham wrote:

Seeing that you'll be doing landscape photography, I guess DR is a very important factor. If it does, D90 thrashes K20D in term of DR, in all ranges of ISO.



Dynamic Range compared

D90 8.3 EV
K20d 9.1 EV

so, DR is important, get a Pentax

"Simply switching to 'Auto' in the ACR conversion dialog produces some benefit (we measured the result to have 9.7 stops of dynamic range)"

And when I compare camera to camera, I'm only talking in term of RAW files (that's where you get the best out of your camera), not some in-camera produced JPEG to JPEG comparo. Try DXOMark.com to see for yourself.

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