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Re: D7Hi PR, Specs, First Look, Gallery

WARNING : what I have to say now and here may make Phil look poorly. So I'll first point out, as if there was need, that his work is of first importance, professionnal and on the whole quite usefull. Like the D7 series are much better cameras than he lets them appear, Phil is an infinitely much better reviewer than the following may give impression.

Phil Askey wrote:

Please explain, what is the point I'm missing?

There's a few.

The next three points were adressed by Bryan (Biggers) already.

You already corrected one mistake where you were affirming that the camera had no external camera mode when the LCD can be kept bright all the time.

(shouldn't you acknowledge to whom you owe to be finally correct ? [everyone, please understand this : I'm not making the claim for myself BTW])

"# Improved Quick View (magnify, histogram)"

in the 'new features' give the impression that the D7i doesn't already have those capabilities. If they differ on the D7Hi, can you tell how ?

You could specify that the three new presets you speak of are for WB, since the D7 has three presets for all other settings since the D7. This has already confused some people.

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On my own, I wish you hadn't painted yourself in a corner about the noise issue and be totally unable now to backtrack and point out that :
-noise is a total non-issue at print size up to 13x19 (my own experience).
-same with normal screen sizes.

-that it can be addressed in post-processing way better than with any in-camera algorithm

-that the control on the contrast that the D7 and co allows make the "problem" much, much less noticeable.

-that the control an untreated image give to the user is a plus over plasticy looking images.

Those are facts : don't you think that your readers deserves to be informed about them also ? The quality of the photos obtained with the D7 in practice is excellent and there's even an argument to be made that the end product is better than even the 707 or 5700. I have no trouble to convince the layman of that just by letting them judge from the prints (my girlfriend, which is a better photographer and artist, no I am not working toward more brownie point saying that, than I uses the 5700, at least when I'm not there to guard my D7 to my knowledge ).


One confusing point, for me at least.

The annouced compression ratio for extra-fine is 1/2.5 : if the file truly are 3Mb as you say, the ratio is then 1/5. Am I missing something here ?

Well, that is about it.


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