If the 1ds mkIV's detail is like this

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Re: If the 1ds mkIV's detail is like this

I agree completely. This level of resolution shows incredible detail. What I don't get, is all those on here trying to put it down. Saying it has too much detail. Too good? Not for me. I think for pixel peepers it does show incredible and possibly unflatering detail. But in reality, most photographers produce snapshots, or print images for magazines, posters, etc. or maybe just view the images on a monitor. And most work is NOT viewed by the consumer through the microscope the nitpickers (pixelpeepers) seem to love. As for me, I think that kind of resolution is fantastic. My biggest complaint with digital cameras has always been the handicap of poor resolution and camera performance. If I press the shutter button, I expect the camera to reproduce exactly what the lens "saw". If I do my job correctly as far as lighting and composition, then have to spend post processing time to tweak the image, the camera has failed to do it's job. If I want the image to look like something else, that is a whole different ballgame. Art maybe, creative to be sure, but the end product is no longer a photograph in my thoughts. I much prefer the actual image, warts and all. I know there are many who prefer fantasy to reality, but not me. If I could afford it, I would want a camera like this. Tremendous resolution and detail!

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