Tilt and Shift TTL metering issue

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Re: Using tilt - focusing

Carey Brown wrote:

Keith, thank you for the link. I just acquired the TS-E17mm.

I'm having a little trouble understanding how to apply your 'J' table. It appears that the measurement 'J' is the distance from the camera to the surface plane stretching out parallel to the film plane.

Not really - it's the distance to the pivot line of the focal plane - with no tilt, J is infinity and the focal plane is parallel with the sensor plane.

So, how do you use that measurement to determine the degrees of tilt to apply? I feel that I'm missing something.

Think of a camera on a tripod a certain distance above the ground. J is the distance to the line the focal plane pivots on (look at the animated diagrams) If this distance is the same as the height of the camera above the ground, then by tilting the lens down, the plane can match up with the ground.

It's much easier to explain with the diagrams and animated sample photos I'm afraid this is something you may have to read through a few times until that lightbulb moment.

Try the test setup with some lengths of wood - the precise effect of the tilt should be very obvious.

O.T. I see you have the Benbo tripod. I was considering getting one of those but the comments on the forum made me shy away from it, but it does seem to offer the maximum flexibility in camera placement.

Picked this one up cheap in a garage sale - I didn't actually know -anything- about it before hand.

I only use tripods for specific parts of my work (architecture/dim interiors/industrial at night) so was immune to a lot of the comments Works just fine, but at £30 with a second (Manfrotto) head and bag, it was a good find I suppose it might be a bit heavy if you wanted to cart it about for landscape work, but I virtually never use a tripod for landscapes.

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