1dmk4 as all around camera

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Re: 1dmk4 as all around camera

Thanks everyone. It ihas been helpful to read your points of view.

I am probably going to purchase the 1dmk4 when it becomes available. I have been leaning this way for several weeks because of the camera's build and weather sealing features and because of its better versatility as a wildlife, portrait, and landscape camera. I guess that I would describe it as not doing everything the best but everything combined--wildlife, portrait, and landscap--perhaps better. Although I prefer FF, I don't see the 1.3 crop as a significant compromise. I definitely think, as suggested, that the 7D is worth consideration, but for the reasons stated, the 1dmk4 is more of what I want, albeit with a much higher price tag. However, I will add that I recently retired and am giving this camera to myself as a retirement present that I intend to be a long term investment and not a camera that I trade iin a few years for the next best and greatest. Also, over the last several years I have invested in a number of L lenses and this camera will now complement them nicely.

Now, I hope that the 1dmk4 doesn't have problems like the 1dmk3.


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