E520: 3 focus points versus just 1

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Re: E520: 3 focus points versus just 1

Gidday Peter

PeterNMIF wrote:

Any tips on when you find using 1 focus point better than 3? Perhaps I should turn that sentence around the other way...

Are there any times when 3 autofocus points give a better result than just using 1?

Not IMHO ...

Thanks for any of your experiences. So far, I have only used 1 focus point, locking focus and then recomposing.

That's what I always use, and have always taught others to do as well. It is faster and more accurate AFAIAC. My E-30 has the centre diamond pattern, but it seems to be perfectly happy using just the one centre point out of the 11 ... ;).

Apparently the E-30 has quite good predictive AF when used with the diamond pattern (centre five points). I have not used it yet.

With my E-1 and E-510 I use only the centre point.

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