GRDIII, LX3 or S90 for my pockets

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Glad to see we agree

My comment

"Surely ISO was and is a measure of the grain caused by the by-product of high-speed film? "


"Film ISO ratings have nought to do with grain, just the sensitivity of the film. Of course to make the film more sensitive the clumps of chemicals need to be larger to have more surface area, hence more grain. Special handling in development can reduce that grain clumping and some developers get smaller grain than others for the same speed film. "

I should have explained myself better - I just meant that "people" now equate high-iso with "noise" rather than a measurement of film speed capability. You are quite correct - sorry my words say something quite different.

We once could trade noise for extra speed but come digital users want it all.

Most like myself would never venture into the tragic 1600 iso film use.

One latest 'must have' is apparently HD video and large lcd screens. Both might have their uses but HD video should be tucked away where those that want it can find it rather than be in your face. 3" screens are about as big as practical for small cameras. Lets not start getting wafer thin 6" screened cameras like those super slim portable computers with full size keyboards and screens - how ridiculous do we need?

The screen is simply a framing device - I like 920,000 pixel lcd resolution but give me the equivalent in a much smaller flip out evf and it would make me a happy camper.

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