Review of 3rd party ink for Epson 1800

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Re: Review of 3rd party ink for Epson 1800

Quoting from your article "The longevity is another issue. I have already read that Claria outlives the efilling, but I have made my own test – I put the two prints near the window and left them there for one year.

Unless your print was placed directly in a south facing window in a place like Florida or Arizona, your 1 year condition is not as harsh as it may sound. Your prints very likely received no more than 5-10 megalux hours exposure (equivalent to about 2.5-5 WIR display years or about 10-20 Kodak display years). I noted what appears to be very easily noticeable fading in the effilink and a just noticeable amount of fade in the Claria in your test.

The moral of the story is that this third party replacement ink is indeed no match in lightfastness to the Claria ink, and even the Claria ink is showing subtle changes well before its industry-sponsored 90+ year ratings would suggest. That said, if one takes care to reduce illumination levels on a print, even relatively fugitive dyes can go many years on display without showing serious amounts of fade.


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