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Re: 7D 400ISO No Noise Reduction At All


Here is alink to a post I made a couple weeks ago.


These shots were taken at nearly the same time with my 50D and 7D and were totally unprocessed RAW files via DPP shwoing the noise in the shadow areas behind a flower. If the picture is sharpened at all or as you are saying if the exposure is boosted a bit to recover the shadows , it gets nasty fast. I still beleive my 7D was worse than most in this regard and this was why I returned it as i did not want to fight light shadows all the time. I was actually hoping the 7D might be a bit more forgiving on shadows than was the 50D though at this point if they are equivalent it may be good enough. I'm watching posts now to get a better feel for where typical 7D's are in this arena, and may simply watch the 1DMkIV to see how it rolls out though i REALLY would prefer not to drop $5K for a body! John

PeaceFrog wrote:

The noise I am seeing is in the medium/light shadows after I boost the mid-tones to brighten them up a bit. I think the reason I am seeing it so much in my air show photos is that a lot of the airplanes are a sort of light gray color with large untextured/patterned areas so the noise really shows up well. The noise is a lot of splotchy red/orange junk that shows up in the grays. The rest of the image looks pretty decent. I think it sounds similar to what you saw. It is only showing up for me in images that I have boosed the mid-tones on. The original jpeg doesn't show it.


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