I can't decide on a tripod :o(

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Re: I can't decide on a tripod :o(

WilbaW wrote:

It's a big lump of a camera, but the ergonomics worked really well. People were always asking me, "Is that a video camera?", because you hold it like one.

So here's a thought... what would a DSRL look like if it was designed to be held with its bulk resting in the palm (fingers on top, thumb below), rather than being gripped from the side (fingers in front, thumb behind)? Hmm...

Hmm indeed!

I have a Sony videocam which, although pretty standard looking, has a horizontal strap on the right side and you grip it with the right hand through the strap vertically - very comfortable. Start and stop is with the thumb and zoom is by the index finger on top. I think that DSLR users are too 'conformist' to accept anything as radical as a vertical grip! Interesting concept, though!

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of photography, the results depend on the 'nut' behind the camera!

See the 'Plan' in my 'Profile' for my current equipment.

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