Popped into the 7D forum by accident

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popped here on purpose

Im looking at the 300s as a viable option to the 7d

I already returned one 7d, if the one arriving today is not an awesome camera that works (heck, for $1,700 it better work) I am ready to get a 300s.

It is really as hame that canon came out with answer to many prayers only to have the 7d not work properly.

I know that ever brand has its issues from time to time, but seems that the 300s is a tried and true model already.

Besides, is it me or the 7d is just catching up to what nikon has been offering for a while?

The only thing is that it seems that the 300s is a refreshed model rather than a upgrade.
Is this assumption right?

(There is nothing in the rumor radar about a 400s or anything like it just yet is there? )

Id love to hear why you guys think that the 300s is a better option.
(Dont worry about lenses, have a couple for each brand)
Price , similar
Lenses, pretty close
Other then video quality, specs are so close
AF, pretty close (if it works on your 7d...)

Happy shooting!

Am I missing anything?

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