Firmware 1.0.9

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A False Assumption

I think that you are making a false assumption when you think that all cameras that are received by the purchaser with the newer firmware came off "the factory line" with it installed. It is possible, indeed likely, that as soon as 1.0.9 was ready all inventory in the pipeline had it put into them before final delivery to the customer.

I know for a fact that some retailers have done this in the past with previous models. If people are going to circulate such unfounded, speculative theories on the internet why wouldn't Canon, a distributor or a retailer make sure that every body going out to a customer has the latest firmware?

Your underlying proposition - that there was an AF flaw that needed a hardware, or production level, fix as opposed to a firmware update - is something else again. Where did that notion come from?

mhw wrote:

Just to clarify, I am not asking those who've upgrade from 1.0.7 to 1.0.9 whether they've had autofocus issues. I am trying to determine whether those with cameras which were already 1.0.9 new out of the box have any of the autofocus issues being discussed. The theory is the cameras preloaded with 1.0.9 are later production batches and therefore may have had the autofocus issue addressed on the factory line.

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