Firmware 1.0.9

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Re: Firmware 1.0.9

i understand what you mean..but no .canon addressed the AF issue by providing a new firmware 1.0,9 so the newer cameras got the new firmware so no prorblem there...the older cameras when upgraded the problem was solved.

canon does not test and calibrate af before each camera leaves canon.

mhw wrote:

Just to clarify, I am not asking those who've upgrade from 1.0.7 to 1.0.9 whether they've had autofocus issues. I am trying to determine whether those with cameras which were already 1.0.9 new out of the box have any of the autofocus issues being discussed. The theory is the cameras preloaded with 1.0.9 are later production batches and therefore may have had the autofocus issue addressed on the factory line.

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