NIKON D3s 102k samples, for comparision

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Re: Two words...

GazzaJagman wrote:

I think one would be hard pressed to spot the detail difference between 21mp and 24mp, which is why Canon's next jump will probably be to 32mp

So what makes the D3x "the best"? I think that honor is held by the MF digital backs at the moment.

As to colour balance and rendition, Canon still has a clear edge over the competition. Canon colours (especially skin tones) are far superior.

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Please verify your statement with a side by side comparison: same scene, same exposure, same conversion och processing by a Canon DSLR (5DmKII etc) and a Nikon DSLR (D3, D3x etc).

DXOmark results does not seem to support your view: (appareil1) 287%7C0 (appareil2) 305%7C0 (appareil3) 297%7C0 (onglet) 0 (brand) Nikon (brand2) Canon (brand3) Nikon

What do you see that they have missed? Could you specify how you measure "the clear edge" and "Canon colors are far more superior"? What is your method(s)?

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