Got Bouganvilla?

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Re: Got Bouganvilla? s/b Bougainvillea more getting in the act here = good!

Gregory J McConville wrote:

although I am not opposed to figs (they do good here, too), that's a pomegranate.

Oops. My bad. By the time they get to the stores here they are bigger and more red, never saw a photo of them growing on a tree. Cute little things.

the nursery told me to call back monday, and they'd put a Pistachio tree on the next truck.

I hope it's a nice one and you don't need 2 for pollination, most you don't now. Better to go pick it out yourself, but I've bought sight unseen a few times myself for one reason or another. The last ones were cherry trees. Picked up 2 of one kind at a big box store, planted carefully, ruined by an early freeze, got my warranty honored and dug them out and planted replacements. By the end of the I guess it was the following summer they were oozing sap - canker, too late for the warranty.

So I called a good nursery, they had some of my original kind on sale, so I asked to have two of the nicest ones picked out, then was too tired to think about planting in hard soil in Aug so had them do it although I could have easily enough softened it up by soaking. So far so good, got some this year. So a branch falls off my big tree and takes out the leader on the second one. They said it would grow a new one, but if it doesn't show any sign of it, I'll replace that. Maybe I shouldn't have started this at my age, had a couple for over 30 years that died and just missed them too much.

Anyway, I neglected to factor in we have Japanese Beetles now and spent all summer fighting the darn things. They love certain trees, we haven't had them but 4 years now, and I go and buy 3 kinds of their favorites. Lucky you don't have those where you are. Bugs do not freak me out, but I hate those things with a passion now.

And my cherry trees, one has only branches on one side, hope it fills in more. So I probably should have waited until spring, gone and picked out from fresh stock and paid the full price. I just got so frustrated, I picked up the phone and I told you the rest.

Yes, I am in love with my 7D. It's everything I ever wanted in a camera. I was going to look at a 40D (not the 50D), because the samples everyone is submitting are outstanding.

That's encouraging. Same here about the 40D, may still do it, see it's not discontinued, would prefer a little more mp. Hope to have something by later next summer, earlier if it works out. Thanks.

I don't see myself ever 'upgrading' or moving on to something else from the 7D (I'm old).

I'm older, too, and tend to keep what I buy for a long time.

Canon made this one perfect, and they're selling it way too cheap. I can do sports and landscape better than I thought I ever could. Now I just have to get as good as the camera already is.

I'm so glad to hear that after reading the guy who was sincere and thinking Nikon again. There are still times I wonder if I did the right thing by going Canon. Now I've got too much in lenses. The best of all worlds would be upgrade to something and keep the 20D for backup.

Fun to see more people are jumping in. More nice photos! That one poster used the 10-22 as well.

One more thing and I'll leave you be. I got my gdaughter the 40D for college graduation. We went around about it, I stalled for a good price, finally got it just B4 the big day. She was starting to wonder . . .anyway, I gave her my 28-135 and was amazed how much sharper it was on the 40D. She since picked up a couple more lenses. So I can only imagine how much nicer my other lenses would be on an upgrade if they don't need recalibrating.


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